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Hours:  Wed–Sun 8am - last squad out by 4pm


Never tried sporting clays?  Now is the perfect time to give it a try!

Each station simulates a different shot, including grouse, rabbits, woodcock, ducks, quail, pheasants, and geese.  Targets used include 90MM, Standards, Rabbit Discs, and Battues.

Target Presentations

True Pair:  When “Pull” is called, both targets are thrown at once.
Report Pair: When “Pull” is called, one target is thrown. On the report of the gun, the second target is thrown.

Automatic Courses – No waiting for a trapper, No reservations needed!

Automatic traps provide you the convenience of shooting the course at your own pace, whenever you want to.  Come with a friend, a group, or shoot by yourself.    Walk on shooting Wednesday – Sunday, 8am -4 pm April thru September.  On league nights we are open until dark.

League Shooting

Spring and Late Summer Team Leagues.  3-6 shooters, 3 highest scores each week count towards team score.  League shooting on Wed. & Thurs. nights, and Saturdays. Learn More »

Accommodations for business outings can also be made by appointment (accommodations may include guns, shells, lodging, etc.)

Skeet:  Open for walk-on shooting Wed-Sun 8 am - 4pm

Practice field: Some more challenging targets to help improve your skills Wed-Sun 8-4

5 stand: available October- march, Wed-Friday by appointment, Sat-Sun 8-4

Clubhouse Facilities

We also offer a 2,000 square foot facility to get out of the cold. The clubhouse can sit 50-60 guests while providing a 65″ television to watch the game, and pizza and drinks to celebrate another successful day in the outdoors.


50-99 rounds $.46/target (50 targets = $23)

100+ rounds  $.42/target  (100 targets = $42)

Youth  (Under  17)  $.23/target

25 Rounds 5 stand & skeet  $.44/target (25 targets = $11)

10% given for show pairs and breakage

Prepaid targets - must be used by last day of the season (September 25, 2022)

10% added to your card

500 targets $195  ($.39/target)

1000 targets $370 ($.37/target)

$5 deposit required for prepaid cards.  We return your deposit when you return your card.  You are responsible for lost cards.  If you lose your card you lose the targets on them.

4% charge applied to all credit card transactions

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