Our dogs have hunted pheasant, grouse, duck, and just about anything else that flies. We have guided hunts and run field trials and been successful with both. Our wirehair pups are socialized and around a lot of people before going to their new homes. They are loyal, and make great family pets as well as hunting companions.


We started breeding German Wirehaired Pointers over 32 years ago and have loved the breed ever since.

Upcoming Litters


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Tulsa is Scott's wirehair born in 2016. She loves people and hunting and running. She has a litter that we look forward to watching in the field next year.
Scott's wirehair that was born in 2011. She is the mother of Tulsa. Lexie enjoys working with several of our handlers.
Amy's pup from her 2018 litter
Amy's pup that was added to the team in 2016. She's been outstanding in the field. She's also been competing in agility and confirmation.
Joe's black and white wirehair joined the crew in 2015. He's the proud daddy of Scott's 2018 wirehair litter.
Chester is Joe’s male, solid liver shorthair (born in 2011). He is a retrieving machine and very stylish pointer and has been doing great all season.
Echo is Amy’s female shorthair (Born in 2007). She loves to hunt birds, squirrels, rabbits, skunks, and porcupines. Echo and Triton’s first puppies have been hunting birds all season!
Triton is Amy’s male shorthair (born in 2008). He lives for bird hunting, but also likes to swim and chase a ball. He studded 2 litters this past summer and the pups are doing great in the field!
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Amy's pup from her 2018 litter