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A great place to pursue the Majestic Whitetail Buck since 1980. Family owned and operated for three generations, we make it feel like deer camp!

We are booked up for the 2023 season. 

General Information
  • 580 acre preserve established in 1978

  • Terrain is a mixture of marsh, fields, hardwoods, and hills of Eastern Jackson County Wi.

  • Hunts run September through January 15th

  • Hunts are exclusive to you or your party.  There will be no one else hunting deer on the farm during the days you reserve.

  • You can set your own stands or use the 6 elevated and  Heated Red Neck or shadow box stands we have on the preserve.  You are welcome to use your own ATV if you prefer.  We will work to ensure your hunt is enjoyable and successful.

  • Lodging or camper parking with electrical hook-up available.  Lodging must be booked in advance.

  • Prior to going into the field we ask that you shoot your firearm or bow to make sure they are on target. No rifles smaller than a 243 can be used.

  • Taxidermy and meat processing are available.

  • All hunters are expected to follow the rules and regulations set forth by Woods and Meadow Hunting Preserve

  • In the event that a shot was attempted and the deer has been hit, the staff will do everything it can to retrieve the animal. Whether the animal is found or not the minimal charge of a $2000.00 will be assessed.

  • Our preserve has heated and unheated box blinds, along with traditional stands.

  • We have blinds that are made for hunters with disabilities

  • We also offer pheasant hunting and a heated 5-stand for the shot gunner in you.

Clubhouse Facilities

We also offer a 2,000 square foot facility to get out of the cold. The clubhouse can sit 50-60 guests while providing a 65″ television to watch the game, and pizza and drinks to celebrate another successful day in the outdoors.


Cost of the Whitetail Hunts 2023

0″ to 160″        $4000.00

161″ to 170″    $4500.00

171″ to 180"    $5000.00

181" to 190"    $5500.00

191" to 200"    $6000.00

201" to 215"    $6500.00

216" and up    $7000.00

*** All whitetails will be scored using SCI gross score to determine final cost ***

  • Deposit of $1000.00 required to book hunt (if a buck is not harvested $500.00 will be returned. You have the option to come back and hunt  till Jan. 15th of that season)

  • 4 to 5 day Hunt

  • Our staff will do what it takes make your hunt a great experience of WI deer hunting tradition

There is a 4% charge added to all credit card transactions

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