Super Sporting

Thursday, August 1st

$85 (includes fees)

$10 optional lewis - 4 classes, 60/40 split, ties divide

squads at 8:30am, 11:30 am, 2:30 pm

     squadding done on a first come first served basis


      Resident CH, RU, Class 1 & 2, Concurrant 1&2

      Non resident CH

Payouts (WSCA added money)

     $160 CH, $100 RU, $75 first in class, $45 second in class

      $500 added by Joel with Convergint Technologies

                ($110 CH, $75 RU, $45 first in class)

Shootoffs will be around 5:30 pm Friday night.  We will shoot-off for all trophies and class payouts.

Sponsored by Clever - everyone who shoots the prelim will be entered for a chance to win a case of Clever ammunition (10 cases total)

Joel- Convergint Technologies

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