7 Week Spring League Starts Wed, April 29th, 2020

Changes in league format due to Covid19 and social distancing guidelines:

                        *  Prize drawings will be for ammunition and                                         pheasant hunts.  We will put your ticket station                               tickets into the drawing for you

                        *   The clubhouse is closed for all food and                                                beverages until rule is lifted

                        *   Teams of 3-6 people.  No squads of more than 6                                people allowed on the course

NO LEAGUE the week of May 25th-31st

– Need teams of 3-6 people (top 3 scores each week count towards total)

– If you have more than 6 people, please split into 2 teams

– Cost for adults $18.00 (includes $1 each week toward prizes,  $1 each week towards lewis, includes end of league picnic

– Cost for 17 year old & under youth 18.00 which includes shells

– Ticket station each week – the number of targets you break at that station is the number of tickets you get towards prizes

- You can be a member of only 1 team

- If you shoot the course more than once, your first score is the one that counts

– Participation drawing – shoot all 7 weeks and your name automatically goes in a drawing for a gun

– Can make up weeks you miss

– Last day to make up scores is Sunday June 21st 

– Open for shooting Fri – Sunday 8am – to last squads out at 4pm, Wednesday & Thursday 8:00am until dark

– Lewis money goes to the top 2 teams, middle 2 teams, and bottom 2 teams

– Each team automatically in a drawing for 2 –  8 pheasant hunts (drawn at league picnic)

Picnic on June 24th & 25th for all league participants – $15 round of 50 targets, food, & $1.00 beer and soda

Prizes drawn on the picnic night June 24th


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