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Costs 2023-2024

Partridge – Red Leg Cross $19.50 Ea.

Ringneck Pheasant $27.00 Ea.

10 Pair Pheasant Release   $518.00

15 Pair Pheasant Release   $746.00

25 Pair Pheasant Release   $1140.00


Dog & Guide $65.00 for half day hunt ( 8:00-11:30) (1:00-4:30)


Bird Cleaning  $3.00/bird de-boned  

All prices are subject to state and local tax. Reservations needed.
Sat./Sun:  10 bird minimum release per party on 1/2 day hunts
Weekdays:  6 bird minimum release per party on 1/2 day hunts

4% charge applied to all credit card transactions

Our birds are raised by : 
Oak Ridge Pheasant Ranch

A private hunt on private land.

No interference from hunters not with your party; no “stray” dogs running in and kicking up birds.  Just some of the things you will find at Woods & Meadow.  You’ll also find a friendly atmosphere, prime hunting habitat, and quality birds for your hunting enjoyment.

No Membership, Bag Limits, or License Required: Hunts are booked on a reservation basis.  Half or whole days. Season begins in September and ends in March.

Separate Hunting Areas

There are 6 different hunting areas for your convenience.  Each area is 80 – 120 acres in size.  One group is on an area at a time – which means while you and your party are hunting, no one else is!  Hunting parties are matched  with the field most appropriate. Arrangements can be made for easier walking, shorter cover, etc.

Natural Hunting Habitat

Habitat consists of a variety of grasses (natural and cultivated), sorghums, corn fields, and sloughs.  You are assured a natural hunting atmosphere.
Member of the North American Game bird Association
Supplier of chicks, fall flyers and partridge to Woods & Meadow

Clubhouse Facilities

We also offer a 2,000 square foot facility to get out of the cold. The clubhouse can sit 50-60 guests while providing a 65″ television to watch the game, and pizza and drinks to celebrate another successful day in the outdoors.

Closed Mondays and Tuesdays

Youth hunters must be accompanied by a parent or mentor.  Hunter's safety is recommended for all hunters.


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