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2024 North Central Regional

200 target Main Event -
Saturday June 1st - Sunday June 2 

           Flight 1:  8:30 am Sat, 11:30 am Sun
           Flight 2:  11:30 am Sat, 2:30 pm Sun 

          Flight 3:  2:30 pm Sun, 8:30 am Sun

Trophies for HOA, RU, 3rd, 1st-3rd in class, 1-3 concurrent

         Shootoffs for HOA RU, 3rd, 1st in class
Class ties broken by station tie break
          Class money divides
   Lewis options based on Scorechaser's
automatic scale
          HOA option pays 1 place
                   Class option pay 3 places
                   Concurrent option pays 2 places

 Shoot offs Sunday after the conclusion of all events

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Book a room with the Holiday Inn Express Tomah.  Ask for the Woods & Meadow rate.

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Book a room with the Hampton Inn Tomah.  Ask for the Woods & Meadow rate.

Register on Scorechaser                                                                       Reserve a golf cart

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